Man at Tenryuji temple

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Japan

If you are looking for a cultural destination outside of Europe, you may want to consider making a long overdue trip to Japan. The Land of the Morning Sun is known for many things — efficiency, robotics, technology, and sushi among many others. But the country’s cultural attractions are easily among its biggest pull. The seamless blend of the ancient and contemporary from all aspects of life in Japan is something you need to see and experience firsthand to fully appreciate. And if you are still undecided about going, here are five of the best reasons why you should visit now.

The Art and Culture
Japanese calligraphy
Japanese art is so diverse. It covers calligraphy, kirigami, origami, pottery, and many others. Each style and medium is unique and simply begs to be explored. The country is also home to numerous museums that boast of impressive collections — from the ancient to the contemporary. The country’s cultural heritage is likewise very much evident in its many ancient castles, temples, shrines, post towns, and villages among many others that offer a glimpse into well-preserved tradition and heritage.

The Gardens
Man at Tenryuji temple
The gardens of Japan are unlike other manicured or landscaped green spaces you may find elsewhere. They reflect the Japanese sense of aesthetics and grace. Japanese gardens likewise display Shinto, Buddhist, and Taoist influences. A visit to a Zen garden can be a profoundly beautiful experience.

The Food
Breakfast at Tamahan Ryokan,
Food is a glorious part of a Japanese travel experience. The food scene boasts of traditional Japanese cuisine, Michelin-starred restaurants, delectable street food, and more. It is not all about sushi and sashimi in this country. The food spectrum is so wide with the elaborate traditional multi-course kaiseki-ryōri at one end and simple shojin ryori in the other. Japan has consistently landed in many people’s list of culinary destinations. With offerings like ramen, sashimi, sushi, wagashi (Japanese sweets), wagyu (Japanese beef), and a mindboggling array of unique and unusual Kit Kat flavors among many others, it is indeed a foodie paradise.

The Natural Scenery
Mount Fuji
Japan is blessed with spectacular nature scenery. You only have to see Mt Fuji and the cherry blossoms to get an idea of how stunning this country’s nature scenery can be. Stunning natural wonders like Fuji Five Lakes, Mount Asahi, Mount Aso, Mount Yari, Mt Yoshino, Nachi Falls, Shiraito Falls, and the many onsens are just among the top reasons to love Japan.

The Quirky
Gundam cafe Akihabara
Japan’s brand of quirky is what makes it even more interesting and enticing. It is a place where the bizarre, unusual, and weird have room to shine adding even more to the already interesting facets of this country. Quirky cat cafés, maid cafés, butler cafés, ninja restaurants, and cosplays are just some of the unusual but wonderful things to discover when in Japan.

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