Why Traveling Makes You More Creative


There are many positive things about traveling that far outweigh the “bad”. Even the latter can be a great source of learning. So to travel is essentially a win-win choice all around. Much has been said and written about what can be gained from traveling. And one of the things that many may or may not realize is that traveling makes you more creative. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It provides a lot of mental stimulation. Some things become habitual that you rarely think much about them when you are familiar surroundings. The unfamiliar, however, may trigger a lot of brain activity. It engages your mind and your senses. You start focusing and thinking about things that you may not normally do in your daily routines.
  • It leads to new experiences. New experiences make great fodder for learning. And there is nothing like foreign experiences in places that you have never been to before that stretch your mind. Many of the most well-traveled people in the world are also the most tolerant of people from other cultures.
  • It makes you more open-minded. Immersing in other cultures makes you more open-minded. It makes you collect first-hand experiences that broaden your perspective. It makes you see connections in what may seem like diverse beliefs and practices.
  • It leads to self-discovery. Traveling makes you learn more about yourself. You experience self-discoveries that may lead you to find your own voice or unique take on whatever type of creative work you do.
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